Professional Tree Stump Grinding
by An Axe To Grind Stump Removal

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Licensed and Insured
"No Stump Grinding Job to Big or to Small"

We are a family-owned and operated business, and true Brevard County locals. Owner, Kelsey Strickland, who was raised in Melbourne Beach, purchased this company in early 2023. Kelsey, who loves to spend his spare time with his family, surfing, hunting, and fishing, prides himself in quality work. He does not consider a job finished until it is completed with the utmost satisfaction.
Standing alongside him is his wife Taryn Strickland, who has also been a part of the Brevard community since her younger years. Taryn helps manage the office duties of Neon Tree Service- she too enjoys spending much of her free time outdoors. Kelsey and Taryn have three boys Levi, Samson, and Killian in addition to a little girl, Indy. This family prides themselves in supporting local businesses as well as running one. They give their greatest thanks first to God and then second to their overwhelming support from family, friends, and the many valued clients.

Our business, An Axe To Grind Stump Removal, was created over 15 years ago. We have one of the best tree stump grinding reputations around, and a solid customer base with many residential and commercial customer testimonials. Our prices are very reasonable, and we guarantee you'll be very pleased with the job we perform.
Stump Grinding photo An Axe To Grind Stump Removal, in Melbourne Beach, FLorida has developed an excellent reputation as a professional tree stump removal service.

We guarantee you'll be 100% satisfied with the tree stump grinding work we do. We have the knowledge and years of experience to remove stumps, completely, properly and safely.

Stump Grinding in Melbourne, Florida
We live in Melbourne Beach, Florida.  Our Service Area includes Melbourne, and all of Brevard County. We've provided tree stump removal and stump grinding for both residential and commercial customers in Brevard county for over 15 years.

Our work ethic, reliability, and desire to do the best job we can, has kept us in business where other stump grinding and tree stump removal businesses are a flash in the pan. We are licensed through Brevard county and carry a two million general liability policy. We have been in the stump grinding business since 2004.

Tree Stump Grinding in Melbourne Beach, FL.

In our business, there is little room for error. For years homeowners and business owners in this area have relied on An Axe To Grind Stump Removal to do an outstanding job, and to get it done right the first time. And, to make the best better, our work is guaranteed.

Not only can unwanted tree stumps be an eyesore and a trip hazard, they also waste valuable outdoor space and can ruin garden equipment such as lawn mowers. Even small stumps can take years to rot so the simple solution is professional tree stump removal. Stump removal also reduces the risk of spreading fungal disease such as honey fungus if the tree stump is diseased. The most common method of tree stump removal is stump grinding, but in certain circumstances we may recommend an alternative method after a free site visit.

Ask your friends or neighbors who they would first recommend as the best tree stump grinding service in the area. There is a good chance they will suggest our company. I have an outstanding reputation for quality work and reasonable prices. Give us a call today. I'll make every effort to assist you with any tree stump trouble you may have.
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Serving All Your Tree Care Needs

An Axe To Grind Stump Removal serving Melbourne Beach, Florida and surrounding area, offers a complete line of Tree Stump Grinding services.

We offer a free site survey and pricing estimate to assess and deliver what's needed with "no surprises." My pricing policy.... I show up with machinery, give you a price, and either the stump disappears or else I disappear.

Our "narrow access" equipment grinds tree stumps to below ground level even where access is restricted. We are fully licensed and insured in the use of specialist equipment and all Health and Safety aspects of stump removal work. We've successfully removed hundreds of tree stumps in private gardens and in public areas such as golf courses and country estates, for homeowners as well as tree surgeons and landscape gardeners who don't have the equipment or specialist knowledge required.

We have the necessary experience and equipment to handle any Stump grinding job you have.

We know and work with several reputable and insured local tree service companies. Tell us where the trees are and we can give some excellent local referral choices for tree service.

Licensed & Insured

OK, we’re not talking driver’s license here. Make sure no one pulls that on you when you ask if they are licensed.
In general, stump grinding services are not licensed through the State of Florida, but require a business license through the county. We are licensed through Brevard County, and our license is recognized in all surrounding counties.
This is just another step that a legitimate business must take in order to comply with regulations. Many tree and landscape contractors insist that their sub-contractors are licensed, and you should too.

     • Tree Stump Grinding
     • Cypress Tree Knee grinding
     • Commercial and Residential Properties
     • Referrals available upon request
     • We handle any size of stump, from just a few inches up to the largest stump imaginable.
     • We grind tree stumps and surface roots to well below ground level which allows replanting or ground preparation for just about any purpose.
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Proudly serving Brevard County since 2004. We have the experience and the equipment to handle backyard and large stumps. In fact, many Brevard tree specialists, and landscapers, rely on our expertise to take care of their own customers... You can rely on us too. Call (321) 205-3238.

(321) 205-3238

Stump Grinding Process:

Stump grinding is the most efficient way of removing stumps with very little disturbance to your yard and surrounding plants. It works like a chipper, but at ground level.

Our equipment is portable and has a large wheel with individual teeth. We make passes over the stump with the machine until it is ground below the surface. You are left with a finely ground pile of mulch mixed with dirt that is raked back into the stump hole.

Excess mulch can be utilized around shrubs or trees and is highly recommended for this use. All remaining grindings from stumps are left for your use or disposal, or can be removed for an additional fee.

Some tree species have unwanted surface roots that can be ground also and can be included in the estimate if specifically requested.

Equipment owned/used: BobCat, Chipper, DumpTruck with claw, Stump Grinder.

Company: An Axe To Grind Stump Removal
Owner: Kelsey Strickland
Location: Melbourne, FLorida
Phone: Office-(321) 243-205-3238
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